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View Diary: Tsarnaev Presumed Guilty: Government Leaks Ill-Gotten Incriminating Statements (180 comments)

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  •  I remember what Ashcroft tried to do (1+ / 0-)
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    nuclear winter solstice

    and that was good.  It still doesn't justify hanging our with neo-confederates, members of groups on the hate group lists and generally being a lousy person.

    The time of day is irrelevant,   if the person is entitled to a lawyer, they should get one at noon or midnight.   And if after midnight was when he was stabilized and awake, then the police would have been talking to him at the earliest opportunity.   Police have operated over 24 hour days for a long time now. they also question suspects under medical care all the time, too.  Again,  none of this is new, happening for the first time or outside of what a judge will ultimately decide in hearing motions on the evidence before and at trial, and is appealable if the defense ( or prosecution) thinks the judge made the wrong decisions.  This case isn't 'different', that was what was so important about the announcement that it would proceed as a criminal case.

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