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View Diary: Knoxville News: 'Don't Say Gay' lawmaker irked at renewed attention, defends bill (32 comments)

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    Ragan says it doesn't have to do with Gay yet it explicit mentions Gay.  Do we have a schizophrenic here? Most likely not.  Just a lying, bigoted pile of GOP.  StudentFirst is his enabler.  All of them are a danger to children in TN and should be kept a far distance.
    Also, he is planning to force parents to use Obamamacare for a non-existent medical intervention since being Gay is not an illness.  He should be drummed out of the GOP just for that.  Of course the hypocrisy is so high it is lost on them (him).  These people need to get a real job.  I realize they are barely capable of flipping burgers, but I'm sure a 15 year old could teach them how and supervise them.

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