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  •  2nd Amendment Right to Self Defense (0+ / 0-)

    Rather than a property right alone, it should is pretty clear to me that "the Right to keep and bear arms" is in essence a right to SELF DEFENSE for the citizenry.  Our democracy started as a revolution against tyrants, and the Constitution enshrines that tradition, in contrast to more tightly 'regulated' ownership of firearms in Western Europe.  The US has a long tradition of ARMED CITIZENRY which has occasionally been very effective in 'persuading' a government to reverse a particularly offensive action.

    •  As the diarist mentioned, nothing in the 2nd (1+ / 0-)
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      amendment talks about self defense.  I think you have to refer to the 5th amendment for that where it talks about not being deprived of "life, liberty, and property".  And as far as armed citizenry persuading the government to undo some wrong:  when?  That kind of touches on the paranoid, anti-tyranny mythology that many 2nd amendment fans cling to.  Anyways, I would submit that we have a far longer and far more successful track record of fixing government via the ballot box and the court system.

    •  Self-defense might be a liberty interest, but (1+ / 0-)
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      where is it found in the text of the Second Amendment?

      Please cite one historical example of the U.S.'s armed citizenry "persuading" the U.S. government, or that of any state or local municipality, to "reverse a particularly offensive action."

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