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  •  I don't think you can really compare (1+ / 0-)
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    what the US has been through in the recent recession, difficult as that has been, to what Native Americans went through as their population was decimated by disease, their territory was confiscated, their people massacred or relocated to remote reservations, and their whole way of life threatened.

    That is what led to the religious revival movements such as the Ghost Dance. The Ghost Dance made people feel powerful, in fact invincible. It was a denial of everything that was happening and it held out the promise of reversing all of that. It was a kind of millennial movement. It was going to make the world right again by reversing the whole social order and that is considered possible because supernatural powers were going to step in and help do it.

    There are segments of the Tea Party that have this orientation because they are fundamentalist Christians who believe we are in the End Times. But I don't think the current Tea Party is primarily a religious movement.

    It is also, in considerable part, an astroturf effort. It is made to look like a grassroots movement but it's heavily funded by a handful of very big donors. They are pushing the extreme anti-government, pro-business rhetoric that is a key part of the movement.

    The really crazy stuff like birtherism is still minority opinion and is causing some schism in the movement, between the people who care about having electable candidates, and those who just want a full helping of crazy.

    •  You have a point (0+ / 0-)

      The suffering now is not nearly what the Native Americans experienced. Yet there is, to a different degree, the the fer among some that their whole life and culture are seriously threatened.
      I was looking for a social science model that goes far beyond Hofstadter.

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