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View Diary: Millions likely to be denied Medicaid as states dither (78 comments)

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    Apparently, if there are to be any exchanges here - for the people, they will be through the fed. They decided a businesses insurance marketplace would be okay, but not an individual one. They're likely not to do either. Of course, the Medicaid expansion has been completely rejected.

    The federal government will assume full responsibility for running a health insurance exchange in Georgia beginning in 2014.

    That's our 'get your federal out of my state' logic? Ceding control to the federal government? Wow. What a bunch of window-licking squawk-tools.

    Our own estimates put coverage at over 2 million people for expansion and exchange. I have no idea if (or what) that changes (if anything) about how it works for anyone who qualifies for it. Anybody know?

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