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View Diary: Lawmakers debate extraterrestrials, asteroids and moon bases. Yay, moon bases! (52 comments)

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  •  I always thought that a Space Pod that could (2+ / 0-)
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    Mannie, glitterscale

    have been used on the Space Shuttle System and not have to come back to Earth an so it would have been lighter than the Space Shuttle but holding 100 people who lets say was each 250 pounds so it would be 25,000 pounds and that is around the Cargo Limit of The Space Shuttle so it's a proven lift system could have launched enough people in a year even at just one a month to have the start to humans colonizing Near-Earth Space,in Ten Years with that System restarted that's 12,000 people but they would still have to be in good enough shape to survive the multi-G's of Launch so I'm still liking the Mass Driver System for getting huge numbers into space.

    •  After I wrote this add-on comment I (1+ / 0-)
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      looked up the cost of a Shuttle Launch and it was like 450 Million Dollars so with using a cheaper and lighter one-way Space-Bus that will then be used in Space-construction along with the other stuff launched in other types of rockets of Spinning Space Stations cause humans just plain need near 1G Gravity so those kind of Structures have to be built and/or inflated and the ones going up knows it's to live in space permanently with some exceptions to be handled by the way the Russians now and Apollo Era then brought people back to earth so anyway I'm thinking that with a lighter Space-Bus the number on board might be 150-200 people at 250 pound-average weight and by charging $4,500,000 a Ticket for a 100 Seat S-Bus that would pay for a launch and with a 200 Seat S-Bus it would be $2,250,000 now that's a bunch of cash but right now there are people willing to spend $20 Million to go for a little time on the Space Station well it's at least a huge price drop and with time the price might come down as those Ships are more mass produced of course Private Companies could do this but NASA already has this lift system they just retired the Shuttles but the Rockets System is not part of the Shuttles except for the Engines and new ones can be built in the making the Non-reusible Space-Bus an those engines could be designed to be returnable and reusable and there was a old Idea from back in the early days of the Shuttle Program of putting the huge fuel tank into orbit as part of building a Space Station,well I'll end the add-on to the add-on comment hope I made sense..    

      •  Too late (1+ / 0-)
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        We are the Inca, they are the Spaniards.  Our only choice is to fade into history with dignity, or fight a futile resistance.

        Good thing we got guns, whisky and ammo.  

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