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  •  Suicide statistics not surprising, indeed! (3+ / 0-)
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    The rising suicide rate among the middle-aged has been reported here and there recently, and rightly so, but there's an underlying element that seems not to have received the level of attention it merits.  I'm referring to "passive suicide", meaning the avoidance of medical care in the face of the onset of age and infirmity.  In a comment thread following a recent article on this subject there was a comment to the effect that a person who is unemployed, unemployable and in poor health may well opt to forgo medical attention simply to bring about an end to their intractable frustration and despair.  To paraphrase:  "I can't afford the diagnosis, let alone the cure.  Why go through any of it anyway?".  The suicide statistics, in such a case, would be a bit thin, I think.  Analogous, I guess, to the skewed unemployment statistics that don't take into account those who have given up on finding a job and are therefore no longer "unemployed".  All in all a pathetically sad commentary on the state of our society.

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