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  •  Truckit, and ELF afe VERY Cool! (9+ / 0-)

    The wheelchair bike is very cool, too, very ingenious.

    But I LOVE the Truckit (the ELF's companion product).  It is something  that might just meet my mobility needs -- mainly getting to grocery stores without depending of volunteer ride-providers.  Link to Wikipedia at OT site shows me that my state has no laws restricting use of such vehicles.  My city is very bike-friendly, and I'd have to check local laws, but I can't imagine serious restrictions.  

    Cost (although modest) is far beyond my current ability, it might be possible in future.  No gas costs, no oil changes or timing chains (etc) to break down, no(?) car insurance . . ..  Independent mobility.  The prospect of.  Very cool.

    (btw, on you blog, the link to bogo-light is busted.  Other links available?)

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