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View Diary: Both MSNBC & Daily Kos appear focused on anti-Republican tribalism. How do we effect change? (233 comments)

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  •  Yes & no. That today's "progressives" = mainstream (6+ / 0-) the problem.

    Where is even plain old all American populism much less true progressive activism? The Democratic Party  ostracizes both.

    So, yes and no. What used to be progressive activism has largely been managed into deferential party politics (and we all know who controls the parties).

    Instead of focusing on the needs of labor we focus on existing unions. Instead of raising up activists we focus on the DNC-ordained (i.e., previous Democratic Convention speaker). Instead of rising up against corporate excesses we celebrate watered down, unfunded legislation. Mainstream is main'ishy, not ahead of the pack, not progress. Unattended goal posts just get shifted to the other side.

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