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View Diary: NM-Sen: Tom Udall (D) Continues To Push For A Constitutional Amendment To End Citizens United (4 comments)

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  •  We had a discussion in my Constitutional Law (0+ / 0-)

    class not long ago about how to fix the situation in American politics, particuarly in DC. Many students argued for term limits as the solution, but I took a contrarian view by noting that term limits addresses the symptoms of the disease, but doesn't deal with the disease, which is money.

    In my judgment, the best way to address the disease is to deal with the free flow of money. Overturning Citizens United through a constitutional amendment is a great start. We also have to have a complete overhaul of the campaign financing system that places donations back in the hands of qualified individual voters and takes it away from corporations, PACs and even unions. In my view, all the money raised for a House or Senate race should also come from within the state. Second, we have to have major lobbying reforms which include forbidding public officials from becoming lobbyists for at least 10 years after leaving office.

    Admittedly, these will be tough hurdles to overcome, but I fully support Sen. Udall's effort regarding Citizens United and wish him resounding success.

    Guns are never the principle in the commission of a crime, but they are usually an accomplice

    by MadGeorgiaDem on Sun May 05, 2013 at 07:23:11 AM PDT

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