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  •  These people... you can classify them (0+ / 0-)

    as a type... male, white, who cultivate a "tough-guy" image of one sort or another... aggressive in appearance and demeanor... projecting a "don't fuck with me" attitude in public...

    I suppose some of them pick it up while in prison, as a posture of defense... understandable, that... I think they're known as "hard men" in the UK... skin heads and Neo-Nazis are a sub-grouping...

    It's a definite attitude, or posture (and often a style that expresses it) that many young men adopt (usually disadvantaged, or under-privileged young men) as their own, for different reasons perhaps, but with several unifying themes.

    One of which is that a "real man" must at all times be ready to defend himself and his honor (his integrity, his dignity) from immanent and ever-present threats to these things, coming from all quarters. And that he must be willing to do so by the use of physical force.

    These men have a "me and mine" vs. "them and theirs" mindset, which is essentially paranoid -- whether justifiably so or not -- and having little or no confidence in the ability (or willingness) of society at large to protect and value them.

    They consider themselves to be victims of society, not beneficiaries of it. All too often this is quite true, or at least partially true. But they are neither willing nor complacent victims, they are enraged victims.

    They resort to their last line of self- defense, which is violence (or threatened violence) against their perceived aggressors. Aggressors might include just about anyone, but especially anyone who claims authority over them, like the cops.

    So of course... of course they would support an unlimited right to own weapons of their choice.

    The fact that America's right-wing plays to, and encourages the psychological disfunction of these men is not coincidental. Rather, it illustrates and underlines America's essentially paranoid foreign policy. The one is a mirror of the other.

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