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    After yellowjacket wasps nesting in my apartment's wall sent me to the ER with anaphylaxis, my landlord sent a professional bee & wasp removal service.  All he had to do (but I wouldn't advise trying to do it yourself) was gear up in a beekeeper's suit and use a high-powered vacuum to suck out all the wasps.  Then he was able to pull out the nest.  No poisons were necessary on site.  (I don't actually know how he disposed of a vacuum receptacle full of angry wasps.)

    Online sites suggest that if you keep a sharp eye out for new wasp nests just starting to be built, you can pull them down, and the nesting female will just go elsewhere and start again.  But don't do that with an established nest!  If a bunch of them sting you it'll hurt like hell, and you never know if you'll end up in the hospital.  (If your vision starts to go black you've got the plummeting blood pressure of anaphylactic shock and do not delay getting to the hospital!  Mine was just a few minutes away and my BP was 70/30 by the time I got there.)

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