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  •  Absolutely! The victims of the Boston bombing (5+ / 0-)

    are probably going to get a million dollars each, and they'll need that much or more. Of course,  the money is coming from a great fundraising drive on their behalf, greatly assisted by heavy media coverage. So, I have to ask, where is the media coverage and where is the fundraising drive on behalf of the West, Texas victims? (Actually, there is a fundraising drive. They've collected about $300,000 total.)

    We all know the names of the perpetrators of the atrocity in Boston, we even know the names of some of the victims, or know we could find them within a minute on Google. What are the names of the West, Texas victims? And, perhaps more telling, who owns the West, Texas fertilizer plant, and what's the name of the business?

    It seems to me that I'm criticizing the media a lot these days, but I believe the media have been flying under the radar for too long. It's not just FOX.

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