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  •  Something is fishy (4+ / 0-)

    about the 'evidence" of use of nerve gas.  We have some soil and blood specimens that aren't yielding any data.  We have some anonymous on scene reports.

    1.  Sarin, s a weapons system, it makes no sense to use a strategic weapon on such as small scale.  It is an area weapons

    2.  Assad knows the consequences of deployment of WMD, and he doesn't need to to achieve his objectives

    3.  We monitor the stockpiles pretty closely, as do our allies.  

    4.  Current assessments are that Assad has affirmative control over the WMD.

    5.  Almost anything we would do would probably make things worse, relative to the liklihood of WMD falling under control of non state actors.  

    Bynum is an idiot, I support the president's position, politicizing national security and foreign policy in this way is totally fucked up.  The red line/pink line narrative is bogus.  

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