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    Some of us will face harsh realities more quickly than Congressional members of staffers on the Hill.  In just four days, I must decide once and for all whether or not to spend more than $800 a month on my coverage for the next several months or just go bare until the exchange (more stealthily named the “marketplace”) is up and running here in Colorado in January 2014.   No matter what I, as a two time cancer survivor and 58 year old, think is possible financially for me or even wisest from a health standpoint over the next eight months, once I get to October of this year, I will be able to begin exploring what I may be able to find under the ACA for my coverage.  I am so grateful that my husband is covered under Medicare and a supplemental (as are many member of Congress, I suspect).

    When my time comes to decide about my health and my life, there will be no committee convened that worries about my costs or my coverage as is the case with the current effort on behalf of the Congressional members and staffs my tax dollars cover.  I will decide alone, likely in front of my computer screen, making calculations about paying my bills and other living expenses.  And I guarantee that my coverage will be bare bones as no one will want to cover me and though under the ACA they will not be able to deny me coverage, insurance companies will be able to age-rate my premiums and make sure they factor in my health history.  My premiums will likely be so high that I will either have to opt to pay a penalty for not having coverage or I will be grossly under-insured.  

    None of this is necessary.  None of it.  Under a Medicare for all for life, single-payer model, we are all in one risk pool, we all pay a fair and progressive tax or premium for our coverage, and our medical and health decisions will no longer be business calculations.  We will be free of this mess.  We must thunder forward through the confusion of this difficult transition to the unnecessary complexity of the ACA to the day when we all are covered simply as a matter of human right and public good.

    Go Hillary! 2016!  Show us what you got!

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