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  •  First, I didn't design anything you saw (0+ / 0-)

    at my link. In fact, most all of them come from top designers. I just execute. I have no talent, interest, or training, in design in any case.

    The way the biz works is there's Design, Editorial, and Production departments. Design is King. They get paid the most and whatever they want, however ugly or stupid or impracticable, that's what you give them.

    Because (but this is changing) Designers are there solely to let their imagination run free, they'll come up with things which would simply cause a real printer to crash, take hours for each page (of many 1,000 pages or more) for a production person to actually make, violates either Standards or best practice, ...

    For instance, a Designer might create a logo which must always appear exactly this far from the opening headline. And the logo has a drop shadow. But on their Design they never accounted for the fact that the headline Editorial supplies runs three lines deep, and the drop shadow (which itself has a half-dozen specs about radius and density and such), given the nature of the software, has a bleed effect on the third line which makes the type look noticeably thicker than the first two lines.

    I solve that problem.

    The Editorial writes the text, but often you get an Editor who creates text and heading styles completely unaccounted for in the Designer's prototype, or who wants to create new combinations of the Design elements to make up their own...

    On any given page, Production has to look at, even on simple pages, 100 or so things which have to be perfect according to various rules of typography and the intent of the Design, and State Standards, and the printer's requirements, and web realities, etc.

    Then the (good) Production artist has to look for internal inconsistencies in the Design, or Editorial offerings, and point them out to the concerned parties.

    And then reconcile the Designer's imagination with the Editor's unexpected requirements with what is "best practice" for production and final users (printers and web).

    Production is about making the Design and Edit ideas actually work, and be perfect.

    So you don't have to sell a Designer in detail. "Excellent Production Artist" itself is code for "can do everything a Designer or Editor needs."

    Actual Democrats is the surest, quickest, route to More Democrats

    by Jim P on Mon May 06, 2013 at 09:58:18 AM PDT

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