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View Diary: Ignore the inane decrees to "respect" gun culture (245 comments)

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    Conservatism is not a political stance, it is a religious one. The same with gun culture. You are not arguing social benefit or rational precepts with conservatives and gun nuts, you are challenging their deeply held belief in the viability of their very souls and their God.

    Conservatives are not rational beings. They have no rational mind to reach or convince. They are puerile creatures of pure id, want and desire, pride and lust, greed and hate. There is no sin or base corruption that does not describe and define the heart and soul of conservatism.

    •  Conservatives can be rational beings. (2+ / 0-)
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      caul, Nica24

      It's just that I don't believe we have any in this country. There are plenty of self-proclaimed 'conservatives', but they're reactionaries, not conservatives.

      Conservatives by nature go with what has been demonstrated to work, and are generally reluctant to try new things -- at least on a large scale -- without evidence that they are likely to work.

      If there are conservatives in this country, they're probably associated with the Democratic party.

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