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View Diary: Ignore the inane decrees to "respect" gun culture (245 comments)

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  •  But at least the diary author has made (4+ / 0-)

    it clear that his target is the so called "gun culture" and not individuals.  Sometimes the language crosses over due to high passions.  In those cases though, I know where people are coming from and with the violent shit in this sick country I don't blame them for occasional examples of anger.

    But I  fully support that thesis as well as your sentiments.  I don't think here at DK especially we can get much out of dialog when it's nothing more than name calling and total disrespect for people with whom we disagree.

    I also think the diarist makes a great point here:

    A liberal would not spend more time agonizing over the feelings of gun owners than advocating for the tens of thousands of victims of this insanity.
    Gun owners, especially if they claim to be progressives, if they want respect, should be placing the lions share of focus on this massive social problem of gun violence and specific solutions for tackling it.  It is not socially responsible to just be on the defensive or to only take contrived jabs at the people leading the way.

    I made that point in a previous diary and found out that Cedryn put up a good diary to that point not so long ago.  Reversing the Tiahrt amendment should be a no-brainer and gun owners can help by continuing to get the word out about that.

    (I'm a gun owner too by the way.  I drive a car, drink alcohol and own a gun.  I want all three activities to be safer for everyone by having better safety measures in the law and better law enforcement.)

    I'm not liberal. I'm actually just anti-evil, OK? - Elon James White

    by Satya1 on Sun May 05, 2013 at 09:42:38 PM PDT

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