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View Diary: Ignore the inane decrees to "respect" gun culture (245 comments)

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    exercise the franchise. Gun culture? What the fuck? Are we a bunch of fur trappers?

    I grew up in a rural area. I own guns. But guns were like fishing poles or tractors to us. They got a job done and could be fun recreation. And people who didn't handle them safely were not welcome on hunts or target shooting. The refusal to take other peoples concerns over American gun deaths and the danger from mentally ill people armed  to the teeth, doesn't speak well of this 'culture' . Guns weren't all freedom noble symbols in the 50s and 60s and people who were too gunny were considered odd and made other people wary even at the local Sportsman's Club. They were just fucking guns to most people. Some were junk and some were art or heirlooms, but they weren't our 'culture'. What a crock of shit "Gun culture" is. What gun industry propagandist came up with this crap?

    But maybe worse are these gun toting assholes who show up in public with AS rifles hung around their necks  and handguns on there hips or legs. Where I grew up, if you walked down the street with a shotgun in the middle of bird season, your ass was hauled off to jail for scaring the hell out of people.

    You should police your own culture, gun huggers, and respect your fellow citizens concerns and disgust for the carnage caused by the gun oil smelling hunk of metal you are obsessed with.

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