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View Diary: Wayne LaPierre: Boston bombing proves gun control doesn't work (32 comments)

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    He represents a form of insanity.  There is no argument you can make in favor of civilization within the 'logic' (i.e. extreme vanity) of violent paranoia and always-kill-the-other-guy-first grandiosity.

    We are currently seeing the NRA at the acme of what they represent- they've tapped into and made a maximal political position out of all the benefit of the doubt available to them in the national public mind.  But in so doing they've maxed out.  

    We saw the same thing in the gay marriage legalization argument during late 2004-early 2005: the anti crowd celebrated and believed they'd finally tapped into into and unleished a massive conservative force.  Instead they saw a latent conservatism come to the surface- and exposed to a fullness of light, relentlessly fade, wither, and die.  It was a hard slog for gay marriage proponents for about five years after Massachusetts legalized in 2004...and then the resistance began to crumble and break and its argument was widely understood to be an incoherent jumble not worthy of more time or serious consideration.  These days gay marriage legalization politics seems mostly about finding some bearable accommodation for the slowly diminishing group of people who just can't find it in their hearts to agree with it, even though they just about admit outright that they have no respectable articulable reasons for doing so.

    I think that's going to be the storyline with guns as well.  Oh, the "gun rights" sorts have a year or two or three to have haughty conventions like these full of unashamed idiocy and triumphalism.  But they've constructed their fortress on a sheet of ice of public support and toleration for their craziness that they can't imagine melting.  Well, that ice can now only thin.  It'll take a few years until it begins to crack and break up.  But when it does, there won't be much left.  So record these conventions and Wayne LaPierre for posterity.  Because in twenty years young people are not going to believe idiocy of the kind existed or was popular and  publicly presentable.

    We're a liberal people.  Collectively we give idiots their chance to prove themselves and their claims that things will be best if we make/keep things the way they want them.  And when things don't improve, our collective feelings toward them and their claims change gradually with a relentless unwillingness to give any more benefit of the doubt.  They rarely like the end result.

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