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  •  If we are not on the bottom, yes (5+ / 0-)

    Even on the next to the bottom rung of income, I choose fair trade where I can, and I choose local merchants. However, local merchants are competing with a Wal*Mart, and so their products are imports, too. They may be imports from Brazil instead of China, but it's unlikely that they'll be from a well funded, well paid area.

    If, however, a person is above this . . . at a position of that magical thing called "disposable income". . . then one should make sure to avoid both the "Faded Glory" clothes and the "Dulce et Gabonic" clothes in favor of clothes with labels that reveal a good line of ownership and manufacture, swing sets made of good materials in good places, etc.

    On the bottom rung, though, people are too busy and poor to travel for ethical shopping and too poor to shop anywhere but the Mal*Wart.

    "...ere God made us He loved us; which love was never slacked, nor ever shall be." - Juliana of Norwich

    by The Geogre on Mon May 06, 2013 at 03:40:17 AM PDT

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