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  •  I didn't say it was universal (0+ / 0-)

    It is an observation of the direction the baby boomers -- as a generational cohort -- have taken us.  I doubt anybody disputes that the boomers spawned a whole new level of consumerism and brand fixation into American society. Perhaps it was a predictable consequence of the wealth we began accumulating after WWII, when idle munitions factories turned to home appliances and consumer goods. The social changes we've experienced since 1945 are quite literally coextensive with the rise of the boomer generation. Their elders are dying off. I don't think you can separate the boomers from the environment they now own lock, stock and barrel.

    Its not a matter of fault.  It is who we have become. That it is unremarkable in our age to see someone wait in line outside a store overnight to get a new version of something they already have (that works just fine--no names, but you know I'm talking about), gives you a good picture of the thinking and mentality that vendors routinely exploit.

    That many corporations and their human masters are greedy beyond belief is clear enough, and their reprehensible conduct is their responsibility alone.

    However, we consumers do not live in a vacuum.  Once we have the right information in our hands we are not entitled to pretend its not there. If we just go about our business anyway and fail to change when we see the link between our behavior and a harm to others, then we've made ourselves part of the problem.

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