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    I have a lawyer, she came recommended through friends who are lawyers in a different field. She's taking a 25% commission (most around here are 33+%. She sent me an email the day after I got the letter, we'll be going over the appeal ASAP. :) Over IP Relay or Skype/IM, since I've no way to get to the city right now, but she works with me.

    All the other local lawyers wanted to wait for my second denial. Um. TBI, with memory issues. Assholes. Wanted the most money for least work.

    And really, I don't feel things are going too badly! I found the correct information; my doctor saw me even though I got the appt wrong (and was glad I had--hair falling out like mine is is a bad sign when you're hypothyroid, they took blood, and are going to start keeping a closer eye on me); I have a place to stay until end of next month; a friend says she's probably got a place in a good shelter should I need it after that (she was in the last one with me, she works at this one, social worker). And I'm food secure.

    Sure, I wish I could work, and not have to rely on lists and public services, but that's the hand I'm dealt now. I can't change my body or brain, eh?

    Shikata ga nai.

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    by LoreleiHI on Sun May 05, 2013 at 07:57:49 PM PDT

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