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  •  Not disrespecting you, just frustrated :) (0+ / 0-)

    My old psychiatry records were sent first because I had them on hand. When we gave them the permissions for my current psychologist (and there wasn't much lag time, maybe a week and a half or so?), she was never contacted. An MD (general practitioner) simply isn't qualified enough in psych work to make a determination in PTSD, and my psychiatry records are 3 years old--out of date.

    She's kind of annoyed.

    As for reading all my records--um. One of my doctors used them to make his case that the hospital system needed to move to computers. My records, if you took them from the 5-7 doctors (depending on the year), took up one of those sliding walls. Granted, that was the system I was in from 9-25, and included 2 MRIs a year and a very bad pregnancy.

    It wasn't about laziness, it was about my knowing the sheer volume of my records. Even the past 6 years. I heard about it when the cases came from Tripler to my current doctor's office! :) You see, I see the doctor every 3 months as a standard, not counting if something goes wrong, like my hair starting to fall out (hypothyroid), or an infection (I'm prone to bronchitis), or an allergic reaction (shellfish sucks, btw).

    Shikata ga nai.

    I'm sure it will all get straightened out, and that everyone is doing there best. :)

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    by LoreleiHI on Mon May 06, 2013 at 09:40:30 PM PDT

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