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  •  Maybe you should check employment opportunities (1+ / 0-)
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    I'm a pharmacist and I do not make 6 times what the technicians earn.  I'm proud to see good, skilled co-workers with no degree beyond high school able to earn $3-$5 per hour over minimum wage, full health care benefits, retirement, vacation and sick time even if they're part-time, though nearly all work 40 hrs/wk. It's difficult to find qualified help when someone leaves a position but we've hired several people recently. I also know that a few of the techs work casual at their old jobs because those employers can't find help either. Maybe it's a regional thing? Good luck to you.

    •  I think it is regional because the pharmacy techs (0+ / 0-)

      here make good money and benefits. And pharamacies fight over them. They also send them to further training and the pay ups each time.

      Tracy B Ann - technically that is my signature.

      by ZenTrainer on Sun May 05, 2013 at 09:07:45 PM PDT

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