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  •  my day spent working at Spring Creek (9+ / 0-)

    and man did I earn my pay - not that I get paid for this stuff :)

    Clearing turkey, post and laurel oak from under Longleaf pines. It's called restoration, meaning trying to put Florida back to the way it was long before all the longleaf pines got cut down. Weapon, err, tool of choice was a long-handle brush blade. Swinging that is similar to swinging a golf club or a baseball bat but with more impact - and you don't get to walk far after a swing, just move a few feet to the next tree. I will say that it was fun to hit turkey oaks. I was cutting thru 3" trees with one swing as it is soft. Laurel oak is not.

    Anyways - we walked around her pond after, up and down the slopes surrounding it and looking for various plants. She has Mountain Laurel there. They like the slopes around streams where it stays moist and a bit cooler. Here is the view from the far side back to where they cleared a spot to hang out. These ponds are created by damming small creeks. I don't think it is more than 8' deep in the channel, shallow on the edges.

    "You are what you write, not what you look like."

    by PHScott on Tue May 07, 2013 at 04:01:24 PM PDT

    •  You get a really good workout with that (8+ / 0-)

      restoration work. And in a much more beautiful setting than a gym.

      Interesting how many oak species you have over there. In conifer-land here we don't have many deciduous trees.

      •  partly due to cows and logging?... (7+ / 0-)

        the original people also burned to keep areas free from pine to support the oak economy. Logging and cattle further confused the forest..but gradually the pines seem to grow into the artificially opened areas if left to themselves.
          That forester from Eureka, Bolithio talks about that often on his blog..Nooks and Crannies that I have linked to before..and I think he showed some nurse trees in there once at least...iirc, heh.

        the norcal Yakut tribe iirc got USFS permissions to burn for the oaks and basket and ceremonial materials, but by the time they gained permission, it was too hot and dry, oopsi! so the USFS  rescinded the permission to the tribe. And now they are way low on rainfall as the pines keep edging in, shading the oaks...

        Jerked around much? and sooo patient. But they are not giving up...

        I hope I've got that right..or else fbob....will...will.. Hey look! over there: Bigfoot!!

        This machine kills Fascists.

        by KenBee on Tue May 07, 2013 at 09:57:31 PM PDT

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