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  •  You are missing another contributing factor: (12+ / 0-)

    Massive Management Incompetence:
    They want people who can slide into jobs fully qualified not because they do not want to invest in training, but because they do not understand that which they are managing.

    When a PE firm takes over and guts a business, there are still orders to be filled.  It doesn't matter if the PE firm continues skeletal operations to milk the contracts or sells / outsources them, or they get pulled and sent elsewhere.  The bottom line is there is a disruption in the institutional knowledge that generated the original contracts and chances are, the new firm is probably only interested in milking what it has.  Such a firm will be very cautious in hiring because it doesn't understand what it has or what it needs.  As long as crap keeps moving out the back door they are happy.

    To any wingnut: If you pay my taxes I'll give you a job.

    by ban48 on Tue May 07, 2013 at 05:41:15 AM PDT

    •  There are also managers (12+ / 0-)

      who will not hire someone who will outshine them.  I've seen it many times. The ideal candidate is someone just like them, but a little less qualified in one area, and a lot more deferential.  For example in my area, software development, a candidate will be hired with great schmoozing ability and a yes-man attitude, but not particularly well qualified in a technical sense.  Or, in a team which is lacking a crucial skill, a great thing to do would be to hire a new person with that skill, and there are plenty around, but the manager would rather hire a mini-me and try to learn the skill themselves, so the new employee will not have any "power".  

      In today's economy, the successful manager looks out for himself, not his employer.  Isn't that what the CEOs do?  

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