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View Diary: Syria – the armed opposition gets a little help from Israel (62 comments)

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  •  It's not a "base" it is a pair of piers (0+ / 0-)

    IIRC it is the home of about 50 Russians who man a small refueling facility. Just going by the Wiki page you linked(boy that page has grown) you can see how tiny this facility is. It consists of two 100m floating piers - when both are actually operational. The "facilities" consist of a naval support ship docked there.

    There are no barracks, warehouses, on/offloading equipment, no command and control HQ, no attached airstrip nothing. It is essentially a couple of leased docks in a corner of what is a Syrian naval base.

    Why would that tiny facility which is not built to handle cargo be used to ship anything? This  oft-called major Russian Naval base is about as large and as well-armed as the Waukegan Yacht Club.

    Syria is a legal country which can legally buy any munitions it wants. It does not have to smuggle materiel into its own borders. I'd expect shipments of any munitions would arrive at cargo ports large enough to dock ocean-going ships and with the infrastructure needed to on/offload same.

    •  maybe for shipments to Hizbullah (0+ / 0-)

      that might be in danger of falling into rebel hands if it went through the regular ports?  While Iran still has land routes to supply Hizbullah and air routes in theory,  land routes are becoming increasingly dicey with shifting fortunes of war and air supply would assume none of our Sunni allies have supplied their fave militia with surface to air AA.

      Having a "neutral" port might be a handy thing to have should the Iranians and their colleagues have a re-supply problem.  Look that the logistics nightmare the US has in re-supplying Kabul  

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