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  •  The XP-887 (5+ / 0-)

    is what the Vega was called while in development. Originally it was to have been an actual modern (for 1970) car, not simply a shrunken version of GM's existing larger cars. A really good overview of the compromises that went into the Vega 2300 (as it was called upon introduction in the fall of 1970) can be found in the book On a Clear Day You Can See General Motors, John Z. De Lorean's first-person account of his years at GM. De Lorean moved from Pontiac to the leadership of the Chevrolet division in 1969 while the Vega project was already well advanced, and his criticisms are detailed and clearly valid. (The book carries the byline J. Patrick Wright, who explains within.)

    I presume the Vega's many problems (and perhaps this book) are well known to the Mad Men writers. Perhaps they'll create a scene where the car is named? (De Lorean wanted Gemini, a near-homonym of "GM mini," but was overruled.)

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