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View Diary: Mad Men: For Immediate Release (6.6) (108 comments)

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  •  People will do strange things.. (0+ / 0-)

    when they miss an episode of Hazel. I have enough trouble following the doings at one ad agency, to say nothing of two.

    Pete's hair sure retreated quickly. Maybe he can't handle all the women and tension like Don can. Now that Trudy gave him the boot, maybe he'll cool down a little.

    Peggy's not a totally bad type, but she seems to be turning more and more into a corporate one. I don't expect too much of her in the future, progressive-wise.

    That's a trophy wife? I guess it is for a Jersey Jag salesman. It still wasn't very polite for Meg's mama to speak French. Yeah, Peaches is an airhead. We get it, no need for overkill.

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