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    I'm a veteran at other progressive communities, but I haven't engaged here; I've only read.  So I deserve whatever scrutiny and criticism that comes from this post.  

    I don't mean for it to be an ad, but I DO want to promote this COMPASSION REVOLUTION.

    I suppose it can be viewed as an ad for this COMPASSION REVOLUTION, which simply seeks to gather as many people as possible to stand with me and say they support that worldview.

    In contrast to the Beck/Limbaugh worldview, as I explained in this diary.

    I may remove the one link that is currently part of the Revolution page which involves a $6 contribution.

    Then again, part of the challenge from the Beck follower (again, see diary) was to show that my work -- which is to create more compassion in the world -- has value.

    So, maybe I'll leave that after all.  

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