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View Diary: Immigration reform hits the Senate this week (86 comments)

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  •  logic fail (2+ / 0-)
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    WorkerInUSA, dinotrac
    The difference is that if they move to America they contribute to OUR economy and have access to better infrastructure and technology resulting in a net benefits for natives (all research shows this).
    No.  While that MAY be true in a thriving economy, it is patently false in an economy where 12 million are out of work.

    When you replace an American citizen with a lower paid newly minted legal immigrant who accepts half the wages, you have a net NEGATIVE contribution to the economy.  The difference goes into the coffers of the corporation savvy enough to fire the American worker and hire the new immigrant.

    And, since many immigrants send earnings directly out of the country back to their country of origin, it gets even worse.

    •  When we have 8.5-10% REAL unemployment (3+ / 0-)
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      Bon Temps, dinotrac, IT Professional

      remind me again what the advantages of adding millions of new workers into the system are?

      Oh, yeah, I forgot - we Democrats are for low wages, cheap labor, and violations of labor standards, right?

      Yep, whatever Grover Norquist wants that's what Democrats want, right?

      Why are we supporting what Grover Norquist supports? Why are we supporting increases in H-1B visas?

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