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View Diary: Jack Webb, Dragnet, and the NRA: "A .22 Rifle For Christmas" (114 comments)

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    but thanks for this post, commonmass. Really interesting about Jack Webb and Dragnet.

    Here's a quote from an article in today's NY Times, about the 5 year-old who shot and killed his younger sister.

    April Anderson, a cashier, said that she, too, owned a gun at age 5. “We went deer hunting,” she said. “I had a .22. You have to teach them at an early age,” she noted, adding that she and her husband own more than 20 guns, but that they keep them secure. “Our guns are put up,” she said.

    Her 11-year-old daughter, Taylor, said, “Since that little girl died, Dad got rid of all the guns in the house.”

    Not quite, her mother corrected her. They removed at least one shotgun from their home, but not all. “You can’t put your children in a bubble,” Ms. Anderson said.

    Most people in the little town, it seems, are mightily pissed about the attention, very defensive, and not about to let this become a "symbol."

    "You can't put your children in a bubble." I don't have high hopes for Kentucky and gun control.

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