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View Diary: Bisexuality: A Little from Column A and A Little from Column B (4 comments)

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    "Should I be with a man, I'm assumed to be gay. Fearing that I was somehow promiscuous or untrustworthy, some gay men felt that I, as a bisexual, wasn’t dating material. Women I’ve dated have often feared that I was going to leave them for another man."

        Sounds like my life.  My wonderful wife on 20 years, still harbors that fear, that I will find the "right man" someday and leave her. She says she know it won't happen, but that she still sometimes wonders.

     The one LTR I had with a man ended because he was upset because I had too many female friends, and his words "you know just as well as I do, men who like women in that way, can't think about women as anything other that a potential score" left him a few weeks after that.

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