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View Diary: Good news: Only 44 percent of Republicans believe armed revolution might soon be necessary (149 comments)

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  •  Then there's the in-between stage (4+ / 0-)

    Between the time that the revolution gets underway, and the time that the survivors will herald a bright new dawn, is the time when you walk away from your day job and your family, toting all the gear you've bought to see you through your militia service, and head somewhere to join your militia unit. You'll leave your family poorer--all that gear costs a pretty penny--and down by one salary, but, not to worry, dear spouse will manage just fine. You figure.

    You'll get to practice marching around, target shooting (but not too much, ammo doesn't grow on trees), digging latrines, complaining about the food, and either listening to or participating in endless arguments about strategy.

    Somebody who is probably not you will be bossing everybody around.

    It will rain and/or snow a lot, and you'll get sick and tired of living in grungy clothes. If you actually get sick, the guys with first aid training will diagnose you.

    Then the day will come when you get into gun battles with people who are better armed, better equipped, better clothed, better trained, better fed, better supported, more skilled, and more disciplined that you. Also, mostly, younger than you.

    If you kill any of them, you'll be wanted for murder. If they kill any of you, they won't.

    If you win your revolution, you won't be tried for murder. If you don't win, then you just might exchange the muddy rebel camp for a nice dry (but cold) cell somewhere. But it will be easier to get some laundry done. And the food might be better. Somebody else will still be bossing you around.

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