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View Diary: David Gregory is haunted by a New Age of Terror that exists in his imagination (165 comments)

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  •  Get a grip s/he says. Tell the families of those (4+ / 0-)

    once living breathing individuals who died, just because they stood on a street watching a marathon, to get a grip, because someone down the road just got knocked down by a truck.

    This is the kind of insane reasoning that goes on here. The lives of three people are nothing, so let people blow up bombs on busy streets in America....

    Here is a good idea, write your "get a grip" remark, as it relates to terrorists not being a big deal, on huge placards and take them down to lower Manhattan where 3000 people died. I bet you'll be extremely popular!

    •  Not to mention previous jihad attacks on (3+ / 0-)

      Madrid commuter trains, London subways, Mumbai hotels, Bali, Belsen, Israel buses and on and on. Terrorism remains a big potential threat.

    •  Ned, when greenbell said "Get a grip," (1+ / 0-)
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      s/he wasn't talking to the victims, s/he was talking to you.  I'd be willing to bet that greenbell wouldn't speak that way to one of the victims.  I certainly wouldn't, and that's not hypocrisy.  It's only decency and good manners to speak one way when you're airing your views in public, but in a very different way personally to one who has just been seriously injured.  

      No one can deny the special horror of terrorist acts, or that they really do happen sometimes, even to us.  But their incidence is statistically nearly insignificant.  The overreaction of the new surveillance-and-security state has been wildly disproportionate, and a cure far worse than the disease.  

      Who around here has been mocking terrorism and its victims and law-enforcement people, anyway?  I haven't seen any of that.  

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