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View Diary: David Gregory is haunted by a New Age of Terror that exists in his imagination (165 comments)

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  •  Gregory is strange (0+ / 0-)

    and he seems to think of himself as a cute, smirky, smart and relevant journalist.  He certainly is not that.  He is vacuous and irrelevant.  I do not understand how those like Gregory, Alex Witt, Don Lemon, Howard Kurtz and many other silly - self-promoting newsreaders and spokesmodels - remain on the air.  They contribute very little to the national discourse.  They are distractions.  Rather than facilitating meaningful discussions, they cause the country to pay attention to their silliness.  

    I am so very tired of US TV - its endless and ridiculous commercials and info-mercials, its fixation on visual tricks and five minute panel discussions, its devotion to the sponsors products while relegating so much time each hour in describing what is coming "after the break."  When added together, most of each hour on cable news channels (CNN & MSNBC - forget FoxNewsChannel - I refuse to watch them) is thrown away on TV ads/commercials, on ads for other shows on the network, on teasers for what is coming later in the hour - and on incessant silliness.  The BBC is a stark contrast to these American channels.  Why do Americans tolerate this bullshit?  Why do we surrender to the vulture capitalists and the corporate overlords by giving them so much of our time and attention each and every hour of every fucking day on US television.  Sometimes it all becomes unbearable - especially the Erectile Dysfunction ads and the never-ending Rx drug commercials.  My god!  

    •  The sun rises and sets each day (0+ / 0-)

      and each Sunday morning, silly David Gregory and other on-air personalities on US news channels and commercial networks present themselves as informed and brilliant analysts/hosts/panelists discussing the most important issues facing the American people.

      I have had it with many of them.  They utterly fail.  Even the structure in which they attempt to work is an ADD mess (sometimes two minutes of discussion preceded and followed by infomericals that seem ten minutes long each - or - multiple silly commercials for adult diapers and sinus medications).

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