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View Diary: Online sales tax loophole to get final Senate vote, face House Republican delays (142 comments)

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  •  Will this actually help the physical stores? (4+ / 0-)

    Are people actually buying online to avoid taxes, or because the lower price, better selection, and convenience makes it a habit?

    I live in Canada and for my online purchases I already pay taxes.  That accounts for about zero percent of my online buying decision.  Usually the only thing I buy in stores are food/household goods, impulse items, and things I really need to see firsthand to decide if I like it or because I don't know it that well.

    For example, I'll go to a store to buy clothes or a shrub for the garden.  But a book or a Blu-Ray?  Amazon is fine, and actually preferable.

    •  I'm like you (1+ / 0-)
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      Shoes, no way will I buy online, I have to try them on. Some clothes I can buy online, if I know the retailer and the size I take.

      Anything special or expensive, and I have to try it on. Electronics I might buy online, depends on what it is. Books, I don't have much choice, we don't have a real bookstore less than 40 miles away.

      I live in a state with no sales tax, so that doesn't enter into it. Shipping does, however. A lot.

      And there are times when I buy more than I initially planned to, just to get free shipping, because the shipping was about as much as the other items.

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