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View Diary: Hey Pat, the last time I checked I haven't murdered, raped or stolen from anyone (81 comments)

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  •  Typical Rightwing Propaganda-speak (14+ / 0-)

    LGBT is "like abuse" because [whatever].

    Of course, 2 people who are consenting adults are free to do whatever they want in their free time so long as I don't end up victimized by it, as I am by republican policies made behind closed doors in a grossly incestuous fashion.

    But 'gay people' in and of themselves harm nobody.

    it's just like "my issue": I certainly don't hurt anybody but to listen to these fucking imbeciles you'd think lighting up a toke is the same as shooting a child in the face, or raping a woman or robbing a abnk.

    They take the action that is of no affect to anybody and they equate it with boundary-violating crimes against people.

    And then they disgust themselves.

    Robertson ain't getting into Heaven.

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