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    Kit RMP

    Anything that needs a license to be "born" should not be considered a legal person.

    An economy that is heading toward $5/hour (or less) wage slavery to compete with a communist country cannot, in good conscience, call itself capitalist.

    Small businesses need your help. They can't afford your help and I'm sure they have no desire to have a union. Figure out a way to give help to them anyway. They get us out of recessions, they give us the most interesting places to work in our early and in our golden years, and they are hurting because there are not enough of them to go up against the behemoths. By small I mean less than 100 employees and local. We need, what? 30,000 or more of these size businesses to compete with Walmart alone, right? These businesses NEVER get tax abatements or "development" slush funds from government friends. They don't get tax loopholes. And they often get strikers out front if all they can afford to fix their ceiling is a non-union shop. Small business needs to be brought back for the American worker and to make our country much more TBTF proof. There needs to be a "union track" for small businesses.

    Almost every worker in this country, whether union or no, has at some point or another, dreamed of having their own small business. Give grants to union members to start their own. Allow them to hire non-union labor in such a way that you can endorse their good business practices (and slate their non-union labor into future union member.) ANYTHING that supports small business and addresses the idea that they add 3 better paying jobs for every 2 poor paying Walmart jobs.

    Unions can be beloved again but they need to shock and awe the opposition by dropping the whole dues battle (go after donations and sponsors) and instead concentrate on being the heroes of small businesses and local regions. Give busy people making minimum wage reason to pay attention to you without having to give you a piece of their paycheck. They don't know or remember history. So reinvent what unions COULD do to help Americans realize their American Dreams.

    P.S. I am not saying you don't deserve workers to pay union dues. I know history. I'm saying that is not a winnable position right now.

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