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  •  DE is pretty good at repelling insects (3+ / 0-)
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    because of its sharp pointy bits that abrade the exoskeleton.

    However, ingesting in significant quantities can rough up your (or your pet's) intestines with those sharp pointy bits. Which are considerably more tender than an exoskeleton. A little is fine and happens a lot since dirt has bits like this in it too.

    Which is why it wouldn't be wise to put non-food grade DE an animal's coat- they'll lick it off.

    Food grade, you can, in very modest amounts and it will even help reduce intestinal parasites (when they clean it off). But again, too much and it will irritate the lining just because it's all sharp and pointy.

    The only difference between normal DE and food grade DE is the latter has been sifted, ground and washed to wear down the sharp and pointy bits.

    People have had it work fairly well against bedbugs although they said it was like sleeping in a dustbowl for a couple of months.

    I'd say try it in combination with a really good flea med (Advantage, Frontline and Revolution are the best I know of). I'd lean towards food grade DE (which unless you have access to bulk food supplier, it can be pretty spendy) where she prefers to sleep and use regular DE elsewhere in the house. The meds kill the fleas she's got, the DE will ward off any resistant fleas (and there will be some) or new ones she brings home.

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