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    This is a Bad Anniversary time in the Allergywoman household. About this time last year, we got the news that my husband's mother was not going to survive her cancer. Also, Mother's Day is coming up, our first without her.

    Oh, and I've managed to injure myself slightly doing my I'm tapping out of energy due to working a lot of overtime at work. Any suggestions on how I can deal with my husband's grief, my own stresses, etc. and not go down to zero energy are welcome.

    This little guy's giving me some of his energy right now, but I can't carry him everywhere.

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      Sending you and your husband good thoughts.

      What I do when I'm depressed is watch comedy movies.
      It helps to distract and laughter helps.
      I'm struggling today, too, after a very bad morning and working myself up with worry and fear.
      Finally went for a nice walk and just getting outside helped and now we are watching a comedy movie.
      I wish that I had better advice.

      I'm sorry for your loss and hope you feel better soon.

      All we need is LOVE!

      by arizonablue on Mon May 06, 2013 at 02:02:17 PM PDT

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      Going for a walk hand-in-hand with your husband.  Maybe a caring look and a hug (or thrice) during the walk.

      Since you are tired, maybe convincing your husband to go to bed early so the two of you could hug and talk?

      These might be ways to let him know that you are hurting too for the loss of yor mother-in-law, his mother, and that you love him and want to help.

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