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View Diary: Florida legislature rejects Medicaid expansion (21 comments)

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    States and hospitals tend to cover much of the country’s uncompensated care and unpaid medical bills
    and the federal government via disproportionate share add-ons to 'care and 'caid rates.

    Hospitals incur bad-debts by providing uncompensated care. Hospitals are reimbursed these bad debts in various ways. NYS, where I live, pools money from hospitals in a bad debt and charity care fund and then distributes it to hospitals based on proven need.

    Of course, cost shifting...basically billing others for the costs of uninsured...also plays a role.

    One of the undiscussed benfits of ACA is that the Rube Goldberg financing apparatus to keep hospitals open is minimized because funding comes through increased covered folks rather than through state/fed formulae that requires a small army to figure out.

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