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View Diary: 3-D Guns, will it pit the gun nuts against the gun industry? (80 comments)

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  •  The name "Liberator" ought to be the tip off ... (4+ / 0-)

    During the Second World War, the OSS distributed a few thousand of these things.

    It was a gesture.  It was a fetish.  It probably made some members of Resistance movements feel better armed ... though a garotte and  a  sharp chef's knife would  have been a more effective weapon system.

    OK ... so now we've got a collective  of Armchair Anarchists offering a way for equally harmless techies to commit a secret act of civil disobedience by manufacturing a gun-like object they have no intention of using.  

    That's about on the level of smoking a joint in your Mom's basement to show your contempt for Richard Nixon and all his works:  Accomplishes nothing, harms noone.

    I'm not too scared.

    On the other hand ... what 3-d printers can do, and have done, is fabricate the "lower receiver" and "slide" assemblies for the AK and AR types of long gun.  As shown on U-Tube, the weapons were street-legal
     (except for the "illegal manufacture of a firearm offense) semi-automatic rifles with store-bought locks, stocks and barrels.

    However, in theory at least a couple of simple changes to the CAD file transforms the civilian AR to full-auto or select fire weapon.  In practice, the conversion calls for more than a little skill and gunsmithing experience.  But the 3-d technology for about $8,000 eliminates the need for a milling machine costing about $2,000.

    But, if it allows some fantisizers to imagine they're big bad Revolutionary Prepared Patriot heroes ... the vast majority will never ever harm anyone except members of their own families.

    •  Valid points (1+ / 0-)
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      but as I pointed out above, you are dealing in facts, while I am speaking of perceptions. These people are all about form over substance.

      Rgeards to Wyo and Manny, Comrade Selene!

    •  You don't even need the milling machine. (0+ / 0-)

      AFAIK you can order lower receiver 'blanks' that are fully machined but lack a few holes that need to be drilled & tapped -- something you can do with less than a hundred bucks in tools from Harbor Freight.

      •  Ouch ! (0+ / 0-)

        I don't read Shotgun News anymore but I do get the Sportsman's Guide ... which is a pretty middle of the road mail order company for outdoorspeople.

        It wasn't all that long ago they were offering small discounts on the bump-fire stock for the AR-15 ... they still offer "unfinished" slides for a Polish weapon I don't know anything about.  (I'm assuming it's another AK variation from the Cold War era.)

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