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  •  Here's a partial list of people (1+ / 0-)
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    with ties to both the WH and Goldman Sachs that have influenced Obama's policies:

    Altman, Roger
    Brainard, Lael
    Buffett, Warren
    Craig, Gregory
    Donilon, Thomas
    Dudley, Bill
    Elmendorf, Douglas
    Emanuel, Rahm
    Farrell, Diana
    Friedman, Stephen
    Frohman, Michael
    Furman, Jason.
    Fudge, Anne.
    Gallogly, Mark
    Geithner, Timothy
    Gensler, Gary
    Greenstone, Michael
    Hormats, Robert
    Kashkari, Neel
    Kornbluh, Karen
    Lew, Jacob
    Lipton, David A.
    Mindich, Eric
    Orzag, Peter
    Patterson, Mark
    Rattner, Steve
    Reischauer, Robert D.
    Rivlin, Alice
    Rubin, James
    Rubin, Robert
    Sperling, Gene
    Storch, Adam
    Summers, Larry

    This from Down With Tyranny:

    Yesterday, Chicago-based historian, Rick Perlstein, took to the pages of The Nation to explain what's so wrong with Pritzker... and Obama's decision to give her a Cabinet position. Like all progressives, Perlstein is fed up with Obama's corporatist decisions to push through Republican proposals that harm the most fundamental progressive achievements in history, like the Chained CPI proposal to help wreck Social Security. He sees Obama's choice of Pritzker as part of an emerging picture of an Obama "unfettered from the constraints of reelection."
    This fact can't be repeated enough. From Aljazeera:
    Pritzker, Greg Palast points out, met Obama in Chicago and introduced him to her fancy friends, including former Treasury Secretary and neoliberal extraordinaire Robert Rubin. She raised some $745m for Obama's 2008 presidential run, and was influential in 2012 as well, though quieter.
    This from Americablog:
    How corrupt is Penny Pritzker, Obama’s latest cabinet appointee?

    I mean that question literally. I don’t think we know the degree to which she is corrupt. I’m going to quote Rick Perlstein at The Nation, in part 1 of a two-part report (psst: watch for part 2).
    From the Nation:
    For those who’ve been waiting for Barack Obama, unfettered from the constraints of re-election, to emerge from his chrysalis and take wing as the true liberal they have always known he was, well, here we are: a proposal to cut Social Security benefits via a cost-of-living adjustments (candidate Obama in 2008 said John McCain suggests “the best answer for the growing pressures on Social Security might be cost-of-living adjustments or raise the retirement age. Let me be clear: I will not do either.”) And now this.

    In December of 2008, Obama’s choice for Secretary of Commerce, Chicago-based business tycoon Penny Pritzker, withdrew her name from consideration in the face of a triple-barreled onslaught. First, there was her position on the board of Superior Bank, which her family bought with the help of $645 million in tax credits for the federal government. In 2001, Superior collapsed after pioneering the bottom-feeding trade in subprime mortgages. In In These Times, David Moberg called it a “mini-Enron scandal”; 1,406 uninsured depositors lost their savings. Here was what one of the victims had to say: “The Pritzkers are crooks. They don’t care anything about people who spent their whole lives trying to save.” And here is how Penny responded: “We had seven years of clean audits and then the auditors said, ‘Well, maybe we’ll change the way we calculate.’ ” Exquisite humanity, that. The family coughed up $435 million in settlement money in exchange for not having to admit any wrongdoing. But why, Penny was asked, would they pay half a billion dollars to clean up a mess she said was none of their fault? Because, she answered, “My family is not going to litigate with the federal government at a time like this”—a reference to the September 11 attacks; classy.

    Our government has been bought from top to bottom...

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