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    Texas Lefty, FrankRose

    When someone like you suggests we use the Swiss model, I agree. But when I point out that people carry assault rifles in public, every adult male of military age has a full-auto assault rifle at home and Switzerland is home to the world's largest shooting competition (every year), they mumble something about Australia and wander off...

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      Not every adult male has a full-auto assualt rifle at home because in order to get one you have to undergo background checks and permitting that not everyone can pass.  In addition to the fact that they have all been in military service, and been trained in proper use and care of that weapon.  

      But I agree that the gun regulation issue in this country won't be resolved until moderate and sensible gun owners can embrace regulation.  Unfortunately the NRA has taken an extreme position.

      •  Clarification? (2+ / 0-)
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        andalusi, KVoimakas

        Is it possible for someone to be a "moderate and sensible gun owner" and still disagree with you?

        I'm interested in reform of background check laws, but I also look at the crime data and know that "assault rifle" and "high capacity magazine" bans aren't going to make a dent in the firearms homicide rate, while better enforcement has a proven track record of immediate and signficant results in terms of lives saved.

        So, does the fact that I make my decisions on the issue based on empirical evidence rather than hair-on-fire propaganda make me "reasonable" or "extreme"?

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          my sensitivity is to the gun owner who claims to support "reform" but then still gives a dang about the farce that is the NRA's propoganda.  Coming from a red state with a lot of gun owners, it's frustrating to hear them vocalize support for reasonable reform but then jump when that NRA flier comes during election time and tells them who the 'gun hating' politicians are.

          The Toomey proposal was so very minimal.  But, if Senator Begich had voted for it he re-election campaign next year would have been swarmed with ads claiming he was 'anti-gun' - same as if he had proposed a bill to ban everything down to bb guns.  That's what's frustrating.  

          Probably just projecting.  I think most of us can sympathize where an issue is completely polarized at the top but we are a legitimate moderate.  

          Makes it very difficult to have an real conversation.  

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            KVoimakas, FrankRose, Snuffleupagus

            I am also surrounded by a sea of red, and while a minority of them are virulently anti-social conservatives and a few are genuine conspiracy nuts, most of them, while still conservative and often gun owners, are genuinely decent people who I just happen to disagree with.

            So, characterizing them as "gun nuts" and disparaging "gun culture" is a non-starter. For a lot of people here on Kos, those terms refer to people they have never seen outside of YouTube snippets and Rachel Maddow segments. For me, they are people I personally know.

            Some of them are hyper-polarized and as irrational on the right as some people here are on the left, but by and large, these conservatives want gun safety, safe schools, reduced violent crime and everything else that liberals want. They just have different priorities and beliefs on how these things can be made to happen.

            Turning all of them into "gun nuts" as the default state of the political discussion is counter-productive and I wish more people here could see that.

            They can be "reasonable gun owners" and still disagree with some of the positions proposed on this side of things.

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