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    pay sales tax online if it really would benefit anyone in my state besides the state government who is hoarding money, won't allow an audit and who has drastically cut public services. That said, I shop online because

    A. I have really bad knees.
    B. Local big boxes are simply an awful way to shop when it can take me three rounds of the store to find an item the sales clerk can't even find.
    C. Our small local retail--mom n'pops--are owned and operated by cranky, crabby people who won't give you the time of day if you are someone they don't recognize from the last time you were in and spent over a hundred bucks.
    D. Those same retails are owned by batshit crazy wingers who will not hesitate to give you their opinion about Obama or anything that threatens them.

    I won't say that buying online is seamless or perfect, but I have had a lot more fun reviewing and buying online than I have ever had at a big box, I can save the knees, and I don't have to deal with nasty owners and clerks.

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