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View Diary: Syria strikes show the paradox of Israeli power for U.S. (23 comments)

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    when Obama didn't say something more diplomatic when asked about the Israeli airstrike.  He was pretty unambiguously  clear that he publicly supported the Israeli action.  One would have expected something more  equivocal "urging restraint on all sides"

    That's a tell.  

    A scenario is emerging where the US, Israel and perhaps the EU have thrown their weight behind the moderate rebel group, and coordinating to provide them the means for overthrowing Assad, actually we have been doing that for almost a year, but now going public.  We split them off from the Islamic opposition, and their big coming out party was supposed to be this week at WINEP.  

    But something is wrong, not sure what.   The secular moderates are losing ground and public support, despite the resources we are providing.  Saudi and Qatar have been resurocing the Islamist resistance groups.  Maybe the islamists have achieved dominance in public support and combat effectiveness, or the FSA disqualified themselves by virtue of brutality, ineffectiveness, corruption or accusations of collaboration with the West.  

    Something happened.  And it isn't good for the plan to support the moderate rebels.  Something in the plan blew up.  And the US is scrambling in disarray.

    We should back away slowly and throw our weight to supporting a UN led resolution.   we are trying to thread the needle using US checkers thinking in a region where they invented chess.

    Let's see what Kerry gets from Putin tomorrow.  

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