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  •  having recently dealt with two burials in 18 month (5+ / 0-)

    the last thing a family needs is a hassle from the cemetery.  At least here, grave plots are purchased, not as real estate but as a limited use easement, specifically for the purpose of burial.  For example, I could not site a McD's on a cemetery's sites.  While the cemetery retains the actual real estate, I purchase an absolute right to be interred in the spot designated in the contract.

    From time to time, some folks object to being buried close to various notorious souls and try by different methods to keep the burial from happening.  However, at least in this state, "public" cemeteries are required to abide by the terms of the agreement signed when the plot was purchased.

    For those who argue the bomber has no right to expect a traditional Muslim funeral because his last actions were so far removed from the tenets of his faith.  However, contract law does not require a person adhere to a certain set of beliefs in order to be buried.  Somehow it seems to me to deny a person a burial within the context of his faith diminishes all of us, as we strive to prove that we are better people than those who commit these outrages.  Their outrages are born out of their rage and frustration so we need to be sure our own reactions do not share the same impetus  

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