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  •  You're half-right about Loras. (8+ / 0-)

    In the books, he is an extremely capable knight, confident, even cocky, and well-spoken, but is not at all the political animal that his sister and grandmother are. And while the books usually only hint at Loras' sexuality, Jaime Lannister is rather blunt about it on one or two occasions.

    Some other problems seem to be TV-driven, as is the case with Gendry, who may become a semi-royal burnt offering; in the books, another Baratheon bastard played this part, and he's apparently been written out of the script. Same with Tywin's threat to appoint Loras to the Kings Guard and deprive the Tyrells of a male heir--in the books, Loras had 2 older brothers (one of whom was to be the one to wed Sansa Stark), so this threat would make no sense. Some compression is understandable--we certainly have more than enough characters to keep track of as it is--but it leads to questions like, "How the hell did Melisandre even know Gendry existed, let alone who his father was and where to find him, given that the Brotherhood goes to great pains to avoid being found by anyone?" And if HBO's answer is just to shrug its shoulders and mutter something about magic, it seems more like laziness.

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